3 Simple way to increase your Google SEO Ranking

3 Simple way to Increase your Google Ranking

3 Simple way to increase your Google SEO Ranking


One Simple way to increase your Google Ranking and even increase your revenue,  is to increase your Website Speed.

Why Google take this measurement to determine a good website? The attention span of a human is getting lower and lower.

If your website load very slow, the chances are people may not want to wait for it. So this affects Google reputation.

( You will think why does Google show me this crap as a good result? )

If the people who use Google is not happy then they will go to other search engine or another place to find what they want.

This definitely a no-no for Mr. Big G.


How to increase your Website Speed?


1. Getting a Good Web Hosting –

Having a good reliable Web Hosting is Definitely a must. Most people starting by using more affordable shared hosting.

( Some shared hosting is good, but sharing means you may get a bad neighbor that will affect your overall performance.)

So this something to consider. I am able to find a good and cheap VPS solution which using Cloudways

( starting from $11 per month from the time I am writing this, you can get a VPS account for that)



2. Putting the Web Hosting near to your Target Audience.

Distance matter. So if your Target Audience is in Asia then you should place your Hosting Server at Asia Region.

If they are from the US then you should use US Hosting Services. Most hosting companies have servers located at a different location.


3. Decrease or Compress your website Image file size.


Image Size will slow down your page. You should always optimes your Image size by using compress application such as

Tinypng( free 100 images per month,

WP Smush Plugin ( Free 50 Images for WordPress website use only),

ShortPixel (Free 100 images per month, currently at Appsumo they offering $29 (one time fees normal price $60usd per year) for 5k images per month.


By doing this alone you can increase your website speed a lot.


Just go to Pingdom or GT Matrix and do a site speed test before and after.


Post here or share on my Internet Marketing Facebook Group to see if these step help on your website speed and Google Ranking.



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