Website Security – Astra Security Suite Review

Website Security – Astra Security Suite Review

Do you ever have your website got hack? All your effort and information have gone just because someone who hacks your website just for fun or to steal some personal information for unethical stuff. 

I experience website hack before, especially on my WordPress Site. Few of my websites and Customer’s websites all got hit, because of various reason. You will be surprised how many attacks your website receives in one day. Unless your website is not important then you definitely need to consider a good Security solution. 

Recently I came across a Security Service called Astra Security Suite.

Below is the Pricing Plan for Astra Security Service. 



I get the Pro Plan for my website – the installation is very easy and smooth. You just need to download a plugin and then upload to your website ( Mine is a WordPress Website and then it is done. ) Very easy and straightforward. This gets your website protected immediately. 

The Pro Plan have the Malware Scan – which you can scan you website anytime and it also Provides Priority Malware Clean Up ( This cost a lot of money for normal or standalone service) So if you have a website, got hack do remember to use this service. 

If your website is new or not hack yet, then you can use the Essential Plan. 

Some Feature for Astra Security –

  1. Support Multiple Platform, not just limited to WordPress, Such As Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla and more. 
  2. Malware Scanner with On Demand One-Click Cleanup – great for non-techie. 
  3. Rock Solid Website Firewall

What do I like about Astra Security Suite?

  1. Easy to install and get the Security Suite Setup.
  2.  Very Clean and Easy to understand Interface.
  3.  Fast response.
  4. Affordable Basic Plan.
  5. Not just limited to WordPress, support multiple types of CMS.
  6. It has very good Security training on its website. 

What I don’t Like about Astra Security Suite?

  1. Still new compare to other Security Service like Wordfence and Sucuri. Since they are new, I believe they will give more to earn the extra trust from their customer. 
  2. No free plan like Wordfence(Everyone like Free right? But if you have an important website, you need a good Website Security Protection.)


There is no one security suite can protect every website, it can lower your risk, besides having a good security service like Astra, Wordfence, and Sucuri, you also need to have a backup solution, just in case the hacker manages to bypass your security defense. Just like your PC antivirus system. Nevertheless, Astra gives you another option besides the usual Wordfence and Sucuri. Click the button below to check out more about Astra Security Suite. 

If you don’t like Wordfence or Sucuri, you can always check out Astra for your Website Security to help you to secure your important website. 

Which Security Plugin or Security Suite you using and how it helps you to secure your website? Please let me know in the comment.




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