Automate and Personalized your Copy Writing with Script Engage 2.0 – Bonuses and Review

Automate and Personalized your Copy Writing with Script Engage 2.0 – Bonuses and Review


I’m reviewing and outlining the pros and cons of a new software called “Script Engage”. What the software does is going to create high converting sales copy for you have to do is enter some information and then it will generate things like a full landing page script, squeeze page script, video sales letter and just about any sales copy you would need for just any type of marketing. For instance clothing for an offline client and things like that and even Shopify and e-commerce stores.

This software potentially very helpful because writing great marketing copy is probably the most important thing you can do for online marketer, and it’s no coincidence that the very top guys in you know the marketing industry are all the best
copywriter, so the person with better write copy the more money they make . Which is true and another thing I
want to point out is that I usually don’t like to review this type of done-for-you copy generators.

Now there are other ones that have come out, where I’m sure you’ve heard pitches where you log in and will say that it will create your whole landing page or whole video sales letter whole long-form their letter for you. In fact, I haven’t even bothered to do reviews of those because it doesn’t fit with the way that I’m writing copy and believe that you should do it which is based on using a customer avatar to create your copy.

So a lot of these of those things that have come out that said that though create done for you copy by just log in, and the script was already written for you, you just have to copy and paste them so you know how could it convert well. If you have the so-called great scripts, but those great copywriters don’t even know who your specific audiences that you’re trying to reach. I believe in first coming up with a customer avatar of the person that you’re trying to market to, so you can address their fears your desires, and it’s personalized to them to convert more.

The reason I check this software out is that this software follows that type of philosophy. It’s going to allow you to create the customer avatar here and then it will be based on the avatar. These scripts that you create whether it’s a script for the webinar or an email script on This customer avatar that you enter all the information and the
algorithms for the software will create your copy base on that.S o it’s more personalized copy to work with the actual audience that you have which is I believe the best way you should write your copy.
So I’m going to show you the demo video that walks you through how Script Engage is going to work. So you understand and then I’ll you will know give my thoughts on the pros and cons into this might be right for some of you

How’s Script Engage 2.0 Work?

It allows you to create sales copy for just about every marketing need like:

+ VSLs
+ OTO Pages
+ eCom Stores
+ Offline Businesses
+ Ads
+ Longform Salesletters


And works by…

1. Define your customer avatar.

You can choose to create a new ‘customer avatar’ to
base your copy off of. Just enter the information
like age, main pain points, education level, etc. as this will help personalize the sales copy to help it converts.

(This was something other 1-click script generators lacked that I thought was essential for success)

2. Choose your script

Again, you can choose to create a copy script for
just about ever marketing need.

Just click on the icon for the type of script you
want to create, and Script Engage will
write it for you based on your avatar info.

3. Edit Your Copy How You Like and Save

You can use their built-in editor to add additional
elements like headlines, extra scarcity points, etc.
And add info like pricing, product name, etc. where the software suggests, so the copy reads just like a human wrote it.

Then, you can send your written copy to a designer
to create your sales page.

or use a landing page creator like ClickFunnels or Profit Canvas to create it yourself.

What are the features of “Script Engage 2.0”,
also known as “Copy Writer on Steroids”?

1. It is NOT a WordPress Plugin

2. It can be used on BOTH Mac and PC!

3. It is NOT an App, but instead a web-based Software which means you’ll be able to use it anywhere in the world. (THIS IS SUPER HANDY)

4. All you need to do is go through and insert information about your product and market, and then just click ‘OK’ – the software will generate a series of high-converting, unique types of copy and scripts just for you!

5. The cost is super low compared to the other alternatives of copywriters

Personally, I think this software can help you to kick start to create your copy; you still need to proofread and adjust according to your way of presentation or communication with your customer. It is very helpful, and it can save you time, effort and money in finding the right copywriter.

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