Autonars – Scale your Webinar thru using Automated Webinar – Honest Review and Best Bonuses

Autonars – Scale your Webinar thru using Automated Webinar – Honest Review and Best Bonuses

Doing Webinar is profitable but the challenge is not everyone is comfortable and dare enough to do a live Webinar. They are one of the BEST ways of getting people to really understand and then buy, your products.  Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine are 2 top Affiliate Marketer that have successfully generated over $100k on 2016 using Webinar. But as a newbie or for whatever reason, not everyone dares to do a live webinar. 

The challenge to do a live webinar:

  1. To get enough attendees to attend the live webinar – you need to set a correct time that most attendees to attend.
  2. You need to know how to operate a webinar software.
  3. Webinar software most requires a monthly fees and the cost is not cheap.
  4. You may face technical issues – such as no sound, sound not clear, webinar platform problem, internet connection not stable, PC or Mac Hang and etc.
  5. Different Timezone – so you or your audience may need to wake up on early morning or late night to present or attend a webinar.
  6. Some webinar platform such as WebinarJam do provide automated webinar but is based on monthly fees.
  7. Not everyone can do a high converting webinar. This requires some skill and experience.
  8. You only have limited time to do a live webinar.
  9.  Limited attendees on different webinar platform, also higher fees for more attendees.

How Autonars solve these problems?

1. You can prerecord a webinar thru some video recording software such as Camtasia. So you have a more control environment. No surprise there.

2. No need to wake up at odd hours to do a presentation – get your life back and also automate it.

3. Scalable – you no need to be there to do the presentation and the webinar can be done 24 hours 7 days a week.

4. One times Fees compare to other which have a high monthly cost.

5. No live technical issues to handle.


  1. One Times Fees – affordable and no recurring monthly fees.
  2. Easy to setup – it even have Done For You (DFY) automated webinar for you to monetize it.
  3. Leveraging the power of webinar without having to be physically being there.
  4. Scalable – can easily scale your business or sales by using this automated webinar platform.
  5. Unlimited attendees
  6. Live Webinar feels.
  7. Done For You automated webinar – you can just plug and play the webinar and start making passive income. Just drive traffic.


  1. This is not a full webinar service. You require other software such Camtasia or OBS or other kinds of Software to create the main webinar video.
  2. You need to host the Webinar video in some other place, not on the Autonars platforms – such as Youtube, Vimeo or AWS S3. ( but the Live Video during the webinar time – cannot stop and also no Youtube logo – so this is not a big problem – these platforms are more stable and smooth for hosting videos.)

Summary :

I like the Autonars software the concept and the pricing. Affordable and also very user-friendly. For the price for getting this is absolutely a no Brainer. Normal webinar and automated webinar software cost a lot more, if you are just starting out and also with low budget, you definitely want to get this software to boost your online results.  Let me know what you think of this in the comments.


My Special Bonuses for Getting Autonars from my link:


  1. Brett & Mike Group Traffic Profit (Worth $67Usd) -Group Traffic Profits is the proven system that Brett personally uses to get hundreds of free visitors anywhere he wants any time he wants (including to Autonars webinars)Never have to worry about getting traffic again with this time-tested proven free traffic system!

2. Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (Worth $37) – Blueprint to get rich by selling other people’s product.

3. Internet Marketing Fast Start Resources – Build a Website Business Fast with all the tools you’ll ever  need! $ 37

4. Social Marketing Boost – 100 Social Media Marketing Tips to boost your following, Gain Authority and Increase Engagement on all platforms. $47


5. Click Bar Gold Edition Plugin – (Worth $37) –  A WordPress Plugin that allows you to put a Scarcity Bar with a clickable Buy Button and Countdown Timer on any of your posts. It comes in 2 version – standard and gold. The standard version is ideal to give away for free and build a list. The Gold version is an upsell of the free version.


6. Facebook Pixel Insert ($37 ) – This plugin allows people to quickly and easily add their Facebook retargeting pixels to every pages or post on their WordPress Site.


7. Jack Jacker Gold ($37) – the Gold version of Brett’s popular Jack Jacker Plugin. This Plugin allow you to “jack” almost any website and put clickable links and banners over it.


8. Support Chat ($37) – Let you quickly put an interactive live chat box on any WordPress Site


Total Bonuses Value $336.00 –  Get my special  Bonuses when you purchases this thru my link. Make sure the id is 428417

Email me @ with your JVZOO Receipt to claim the bonuses.


Some Additional Resources while I doing research about the automated webinar, that I think will be beneficial to you.:

1.Automated Webinars May Be the Tool You Need to Scale Your Marketing Efforts – Article by Eric Siu is the CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain, which has helped venture-backed startups and Fortune 500 companies grow their revenues. He’s also the founder of the marketing podcast, Growth Everywhere . – Eric have share – 3 Best Practises for creating effective automated webinar.

a) Make it Everygreen

b) Run live events before transitioning to automated webinars

c) Watch for lapses in engagement.  full article here



Infographic by ClikcMeeting on the 2016 Webinar Bench Marck Report and Best Practises –

Infographic Source:


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