Click Funnels Viral Video Launch Party – What it is for you?

Click Funnels Viral Video Launch Party – What it is for you?

Click Funnels (CF) want to create a Viral Video to boost its sales or branding (most company does this ) But this is different because the company behind that helping them to create the video is called Harmon Brother the creator of a viral Video called Squatty Potty. You can check out their site here

They will host a virtual launch party and they have invited the Harmon Brother to share the concept and story behind how they create the viral video for Click Funnels. This is something you don’t want to miss. It also a chance for you to learn how they create the Viral Video.

They also invited Gary Vaynerchuk to share during the event. You can check out Gary here. He currently is one of the best Social Media Celebrity. He helps a lot of company to gain traffic thru social media.

Russell Brunson Founder of Click Funnels also will be sharing on how he grows his company CF without any funding and also how he makes it become one of the fastest growing company.

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