How to Get 10000 Views on YouTube – Video Sorcery Honest Review and Best Bonuses

How to Get 10000 Views on YouTube – Video Sorcery Honest Review and Best Bonuses

How to get 10000 view on Youtube Video Sorcery Honest Review and Best Bonuses





Why you need 10000 Views on Your Youtube Channel?



2 main reason :

1. More view means more eyeball and traffic to your video. Also means more business or profit to you.
2. Turn On the Youtube Partner Program or Monetization Feature –

What the benefits of Youtube Partner Program?
“The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) lets creators monetize their content on YouTube. Creators can earn money from advertisements served on their videos and from YouTube Red subscribers watching their content. ”

“your channel needs to be in the YouTube Partner Program in order to access certain features, such as end screens and cards that link to associated websites, crowdfunding, or merchandise sites.”



One of my Facebook Friends which Jason Limpeh Ng – Singapore Top Youtuber in Korea with 175 000 views and 1500 Subcriber give this recommendation after he bought and look into the training.

Video Socrery Testimonial Famous Youtuber Jason Limpeh Ng

Wow, how can you and I as a youtube newbies gonna get 10000 views?

Personally, my Youtube channel still not yet get 10000 views yet. Click here to subscribe to my channel and help me watch some video so that I get few more video views. I ain’t joking… haha.

I have a friend which I follow him for quite sometimes, his name is Adam Payne. He is very good at doing Video Marketing, especially on Youtube.

Adam is an international speaker on YouTube and one of the most trusted people in this space.

He has put together a 5 part training to show you how to get your channels to 10,000 views or more to take advantage of YouTube’s new external link policy. With free and paid method.

You have spend a lot of time or money or both to create a video, but you can get a lot of people to view it.

If you want to have more view, be it your own video, client’s video or your boss video, you definitely want to check out Adam’s Video Sorcery Training.

During this period 18 Dec 2017 – 23rd Dec 2017, he will be offering it at a Super Low Price of $17 dollar. After this, he will charge it at $47. Even if he charges at that price, the value is still worth more than that. I personally think he can easily charge this course for at least $197 or more.

Pro :
1. A solid and details over the shoulder training by Adam Personally
2. Easy to learn and Actionable.
3. No upsell – yes just either $17 (during launch and $47 after launch)

1. You need to invest some time and effort to do it, not a push-button solution.

Youtube is the second largest search engine become Google, you definitely want to leverage this Giant to get more traffic to your Website and Promotion. This is a very tiny investment and it can definitely help you and your business to get more views and traffic.

Get VIdeo Sorcery with my Special Huge Best Bonuses Worth $342.00


Bonus 1: FoolProof Traffic System Value $47 – Simple System Unconvers How Easy It Is to Get Traffic To Your Website Without Going Broke.

Bonus 2: Video Economy Value $27 – Discover The Secrets To Using YouTube, Snapchat and Other Video Platforms To Reach a Wider Audience

Bonus 3: Google Display Network Hacks Value $27 – Learn How To Drastically Increase Your Traffic With Google Display Network


You’ll get and A-Z guide on how to take out your first Youtube Ad. Nothing left out. Perfect for beginners or those in need of a refresher.

You Tube Ads Kick Start

Bonus 5 : GOT A SMARTPHONE? Value: $97

This step-by-step guide will show you how to run a livestream to your YouTube channel right from your Mobile Phone. Rank while on the move!

Live Stream with Hand Phone

Bonus 6: Your First 10,000 Views  Value: $47
You’ll get all the INSIGHTS onto the problem faced by many YouTubers and how to fix them by getting your first 10,000 views to your channel.
10,000 Youtube View Training

Total Bonuses Value: $342.00


Get all this for Only $17 during this Launch Period

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