I nearly failed my assignment!!!


I nearly failed my assignment for Quick Start Challenge Week 3! Argghhh….

It was a busy week, all the deadline, few of my project are going to hit the deadline. My commitment to one of the event, as an organizer I need to be there physically to make sure it runs smoothly.

Pending work, some of my old WordPress got hack, Household chores…

Stress, stress, stress…

What the hell am I still doing this challenge? Ain’t I busy enough?

I am having another training this weekend, so I only have a few days left to work with.

Then I go look back at my Week 2 Challenge, My WHY?

So do I still want to be like this at this rat race or I want to do something different and change it.

So I decided to just stick to it, I check how other done their Landing Page and Thank you Page.

Then I log in to my Convertri Page Builder and build it up, connect it to my autoresponder and test it out. Huh…

Finally, it is working. Then I submit and put this aside and continue to catch up with my other work.

The work is not a great one but at least I put it up and then I can slowly improve it along the way. “Massive Imperfect Action” – the words that keep me do first, not that we want a sub-par work, a completed work is better than nothing.

Hope this sharing also help you to keep working and keep your commitment to work on your online project. Comment below and let me know what you think?


Cheers and Talk Soon.


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