Klippyo Review and Bonus

Klippyo Review and Bonus

I didn’t really notice this software until a few of my marketer friends mentioned it. I just back from vacation from Turkey, so I am busy clearing off my work when I am off for fun. Haha.

So this is an interesting software, first I think ” What! Another video editing software”. Yes, we have enough video editing software, just use what you have. Basically, you can do most of the stuff with the software you have. Be it Window Movie Maker, Camtasia, FIlmora and etc.

After I get this software review access and check out some of my friend’s review, this Software is quite helpful to save you time and money.

First, it can directly change to a different kind of video format very easily, you just need to do some minor touch up. A massive time saver, if you want to use the same video for different platform and twist.

Second, it has an unlimited license to use Shutterstock Photo, Video and Audio Library inside it. ( This at the first Upgrade or OTO1). Shutterstock charges 5 HD Clips for USD $359. So the upgrade for $47/month for unlimited Shutterstock Photo, VIdeo and Audio is extremely valuable.

You can use multiple sources of Video for your project such as:

1. Upload your own footage
2. Directly Import from YouTube
3. Get from Giphy
4. Shutterstock Integration
5. Viddyoze User can integrate with it

Who can benefit from this?

1. Youtuber
2. Video Marketer
3. E-commerce Store Owner
4. Social Media Marketing Agency
5. You are doing Social Media Marketing using Video
6. Video Editor.
7. Video Service Provider.

So check it out here.

What I like about Klippyo:

1. Can create the video in different format fast, with minor modification.
2. 80 Asset from Shutterstock or Unlimited on Upgrade 1.
3. Simple interface
4. Successful and Trusted Vendor, which previously launch and maintain the Viddyoze Software.


What I don’t Like about Klippyo:

1. Not full feature editor, have some limitation on changing stuff. ( Full feature means too complex and more hard to learn.)
2. A bit slow to load during launch time.

So Below are the Bonus if you get Flippyo from me. ( Email to admin@lesliechongth.com to claim)


Social Mobi Videos






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