Lurn Summit Review – Learn from Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor for $1


Lurn Summit Review – Learn from Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor for $1


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Learning is not cheap – especially if you learn from Top Market Leaders.  Today I want to share with you a great opportunity to access Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) and Bob Proctor ( Lead Teacher in The Secret) for just One Dollar. Yes, you see it right is $1 !!!! Basically, I can stop writing and send you the link, this kind of value you just no need to talk much about it.

If you want to skip what I have to said or write just click the button above and get your seat as soon as possible.

Basically, this is Virtual Event organize by one of my Friend Mr. Anik Singal. The virtual Event is called Lurn Summit and it will be held on

August 26th & 27th 2017
Saturday & Sunday
10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST (New York Time)
Watch it at home (or, anywhere, with an Internet connection of course. )

Pro: What do I like about it?

1. You can learn from Top Market Leader for just $1 ( insane value)
2. Online Event (you can learn from your home or anywhere as long you have an internet connection.
3. Top Marketer or Market Leader that sharing.
4. No need expensive flight ticket, hotel or extra expense
5. They will send you Recording and Replay – if you can attend full 2 days or Miss part of it – Some other events they charge extra for this.
6. Very informative and Structure Content.
7. You can ask question live (if you attend live of course)


Cons: What don’t I Like about it?

1. Time Zone difference you may need to wake up at odd hours due to the Time Zone difference to attend live.
2. Not a close environment, common problem for all online event. You may be distracted by your kids, work or family ( You may need to lock yourself up or find a quiet place to get Maximum Benefits.)

Summary :
This definitely a no brainer. I think this is the best use of your $1 dollar. Just get in now!

Who will be Sharing during this event?

1. Anik Singal – The Summit Host – CEO of Lurn Inc

Trained Over 250,000 Students Globally, Generated $120 Million+ in Digital Sales…

2. Keynote Speaker: ROBERT KIYOSAKI | Rich Dad

International, NY Times, Best-Selling Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad & Serial Entrepreneur

3.Keynote Speaker: BOB PROCTOR | Proctor Gallagher Institute

Proctor Gallagher Institute
International Best-Selling Author of You Were Born Rich & Featured In “The Secret”

4.Keynote Speaker: KEVIN STRAWBRIDGE | CEO, ClickBank

CEO of #1 Company For Digital Publishing Affiliates – ClickBank

5.Keynote Speaker: MICK WISKERCHEN | COO, ClickBank

COO of #1 Company For Digital Publishing Affiliates – ClickBank
keynote Speaker:

6. JIMMY KIM | CEO, Sendlane

Jimmy Kim is the CEO and the co-founder of Sendlane – an email automation company. Over the past 8+ years as a digital marketer, his need for a reliable platform that understands digital marketers, lead him to build his own platform just 4 years ago.



What Will You Learn During this 2 Day?

The objective of the Lurn Summit is to help you to build a profitable online business as fast as possible by providing you the necessary information.
“The #LurnSummit has one goal: Empower you to quickly and effectively launch your own profitable online business. We’ll cover every topic necessary to get you off the ground and scale your business to 7-figures.
The tactics and strategies you’ll discover at the #LurnSummit can be implemented right away – even the very same day!”

Both days will start with the Keynoted Speaker then on the skill for building your online business. Below are a agenda and topics of the training.

Day 1. Saturday, August 26th, 2017 EST

1. Keynote Speaker
2. AFFILIATE MARKETING 101 Getting FAST Commissions -How To Make Money Selling Other People’s Products
3. DIGITAL PRODUCTS 101 Creating 100% Margin – How To Build, Market & Sell Your Own 100% Margin Product
4. POWER NICHE SELECTION Top 20 Niches Online
The 5 Step Formula To Locking In a Powerful Niche…
5.FIRST SALE – 48 HOURS Creating FAST Income
The Copy & Paste Formula To Creating Your First $ in 48 Hours!
6. 5-STEP LIST BUILDING How To Build a 100,000+ Email List
How To Collect Your First 1,000 Emails In Just Days…
7. 20 MINUTE CHALLENGE QUICKLY Launch Online Business
Watch Me Start an Email Business – LIVE – In Minutes…
8. Live Q&A to sum up.I want to learn button orange white

Day 2. Sunday, August 27th, 2017 EST

1. Keynote Speaker
2. FACEBOOK MASTERY The 3 Step Formula – Exactly How I Scaled a $20 Bill Into $13.5 Million…
3. SOLO ADS & EMAIL MEDIA 1,000 Clicks Overnight – The 24-Hour Approach To Generate a TARGETED Email List…
4. KILLER COPY & CONVERSIONS Traffic Leads Sales – My 5-Step Formula For Increasing Conversions by Up To 300% $120 Million – that’s all I have to say.
5. WRITING BROADCAST EMAILS Printing Money – How To Legally Print Money Every Morning in 15 Minutes…
6. CREATING AUTORESPONDERS 100% Automation – How To Create an Automated Communication Machine…
7. BUSINESS TOOLS & RESOURCES Top Tools Needed- The Latest & Greatest Tools That Launch & Manage Everything…
8. PASSIVE INCOME SCALING Multiplying & Scaling
How To Repeat The Process & Launch Multiple Businesses.
9. 14 ENTREPRENEUR LIVE Q&A 100% Automation
LIVE Questions – Ask Anything Business & Marketing Related
The BEST way to #Lurn is to ask questions, right? Both, Saturday and Sunday, Anik and his top experts will be available at the end of the Summit to take your questions!

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