My Quick Start Challenge 2018 Week 2 – My Why?

My Quick Start Challenge 2018 Week 2 – My Why?

What my Dream Life? Why I want an Online business? This is the week 2 Challenge homework. An easy Question but not so easy to answer this question. It makes me dig deeper into what I actually want in my Life. It is the Fancy Car, Big Mansion House, Travel around the world or more?


Then another question came out. How can I be happier and feel more successful in this life? That goes into what makes me happy and what is important to me. That a lot of question to answer. Argghhh…


Before my death what I want to experience in this life so that I won’t feel regrets? I don’t think I have a fixed answer to this. But at this moments, I want to be happy at what I am doing and also building a business that gives more Freedom to choose what I want to experience in this life.


Yes, I want Freedom to choose the life I want, the money to buy the stuff I want, provide a good education for my child and financial stability for my family. Also more power to help the community and even the world to be a better place for our future generation. With this, I need to make myself more successful.


Online business is a way that can help me create more passive income especially those recurring income streams and also automated sales system. This will be my focus. For me to achieve that a Monthly steady income of $5000 USD per month will be a very good income in Malaysia. Where the currency is lower and the cost of living is cheaper compared to other parts of the world.


Stating this out, really help me to make me feel clearer and I always can come back to remind myself and keep myself motivated. So what your why for your online business? Do share in the comment below


PS. Just check, you still can join the Quick Start Challenge and watch the replay. And get the balance of the live challenge.  I find it extremely helpful and if you commit to it, it definitely will help you to take action and have more results on your online journey.



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