ReEngager – Review and Bonuses – Software That Bring More Traffic and Profits

ReEngager – Review and Bonuses – Software That Bring More Traffic and Profits

This software solves a big problem that ALL online marketers face, and it’s incredibly easy to use…


With Re-Engager, they’ve been able to solve the problem of people  landing on your website, then leaving to look at other stuff… which means they almost never return.


Re-Engager brings them back using a very clever tactic that you have NEVER seen before, and re-engages visitors to get them to…


  • Buy what you’re selling


  • Click on your affiliate link


  • Opt-in to your list


  • Or take any other action that you want…


It’s newbie-friendly, easy-to-customize, and will help you make EVERY visitor to your website count.


What exactly is Re-Engager?


Re-Engager is a simple software plug-in that works to make your website standout among all of the other browser windows your visitors have open.


It actively brings visitors that have left your website back to it,  and when the visitor comes back to your website, you’re able to re-engage them to get more clicks, more sales, more opt-ins, and ultimately… make more money!

You can check out the following demo by the Product Creator :


Is it easy to use?


It’s simple. You can have Re-Engager up-and-running in a matter of minutes… It’s 100% newbie-friendly and starts working to make you more money IMMEDIATELY!


How does it work?

When someone leaves your website, Re-Engager shows a notification on the browser that looks similar to an instant message. Of course, this is fully-customizable.


This makes YOUR browser tab stand-out from the rest, and the visitor almost ALWAYS comes back to your website before closing out their browser.


When they come back, you can show them a video, pop-up an opt-in page, give them a discount… and a lot more. Effectively, you get a 2nd CHANCE to get your visitor to take action.


How does Re-Engager make me money?


If someone leaves your page, they rarely come back. This simple software maximizes your traffic and gives you a 2nd chance to get the visitor as a subscriber or customer.


Who should get this?


ANYONE with a WordPress website of any kind needs this. If you like the idea of making more money by adding a simple software tool to what you’re already doing, Re-Engager is for you.


To learn more about Re-Engager, see proof of results, testimonials, and more, click the button below now.

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