Review Trust – Leverage Social Proof to increase your sales – Honest Review and Best Bonuses

Review Trust – Leverage Social Proof to increase your sales – Honest Review and Best Bonuses

Leverage and Automate your Social Proof of your product and services to increase Sales.



What the no 1 thing you will check before buying a product or services if you don’t have any recommendation and no ideas what this product or how the services provider is like? I personally will check on the review. Good Review will give me more confident to buy the product or services but bad review will send me far away from it.

As a Service Provider or Product Vendor or Ecommerce Site Owner or Blog Owner how are you going to get review from your customer. If you just starting up and not much sales then you can do it manually. What if you have 100 or more customer per month – it definitely take up a lot of your or your staff time? Manual follow up also may make mistake.

What the problem Review Trust wanted to Solve?

  1. Automate the process of getting the review from your customer. You can set 3 follow up email and also have incentive for customer to give an honest review ( Not good reviews.) – Manual require a lot of man hours and easy to make mistake.
  2. Diffrent display format for you to display on your sales page, product page or blog to help increase sales.
  3. Manage your review on one platform.
  4. Just paste a line of code to any platform to display your product review.

Who is suitable for this?

  1. Product Owner, Review Site Owner, Ecommerce site, Service Provider and any one or company that require Review to increase their sales.
  2. Service Provider or Virtual Assistant who want to help customer to manage their review.
  3. Marketplace owner

Pro :

  1. Automate and Save time.
  2. SAAS based application – work on any platform Mac or PC as long you have your internet access.
  3. Different Type of layout to show your testimonial or review
  4.  No OTO or Upsell – include everything including for own use and sell to customer ( Enterprise License included)
  5. No need to have a separate autoresponder. You can send thru the system, one of the Co Founder Jimmy Kim owned Sendlane an autoresponder company.


  1. May remind customer they purchase a product and indirectly have higher refund or support request. ( So send it after the refund period. haha)


I think this a very good product – it help you save time and help you to automate the process of asking for review especially you have a high volume of customer. Grab this offer at a One Life Time Deals before this special launch end on 12 June 2017. It will change to monthly or annual after this special launch.


You can check out the demo Video Below:


While doing my research on how Review will impact your purchase I saw this interesting infographic by


Infographic by- Invesp


My Special Bonuses if you purchase Review Trust from my link:


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