The Quick Start Challenge 2018 My Journey Week 1

The Quick Start Challenge 2018 My Journey Week 1

Leslie Chong TH The Quick Start Challenge 2018


At first, I didn’t notice about this Challenge until one of my friend Gene Pimentel send in an Interesting Bonus that I wanted, then I bought this product. There always got a lot of great training and products coming up, I have started to notice that I need to invest my time and effort to the real training and also putting more time in doing on all the stuff I had learn.

I not new in Affiliate Marketing but I still find ways so that I can get a more consistent result in the Affiliate Marketing game. I didn’t bother much about this, and luckily I check out the product page and join in the facebook group. I saw a lot of people start taking action and also the Product creator Dean Holland and Craig Crawford are putting in a lot of effort to encourage a lot of the people to start the training and take action. They even give a lot of gift and prize so that the people inside that will take action. Nice.

I attended a lot of training offline and online, most of my coursemate, a lot of them have given up and didn’t take action, due to a lot of reason such as, work commitment, family commitment, technical know-how, an unknown situation that seems to always get in our way. Those courses range from free, low ticket $7 – $47 course and even $1000 courses. I just wonder why are they not taking any action?

Is been a busy week for me, facing some personal and family challenge, my Sis in Law is in the Hospital, My wife family side have some challenge, a lot of my project was pending due to some tough technical problem, a lot of pending unfinished stuff. I was feeling stress, to be honest. But why I want to take up this challenge? I could easily give some the excuse and carry it on.

While writing this blog post, I also give a time for myself to reflect, why am I doing this? I can just sit down and do my other stuff, why should I bother to this challenge? Deep down inside, I know Dean and Craig have a lot of substance and knowledge I like to learn. From the engagement of the group and their effort I can feel they are truly want to help. Since I already have the product, why not I play along.

English is not my main language, an I have FB friend told me that my grammar suck, so I use Grammarly so that hopefully it can help me to improve my grammar. But I don’t care, I just put it out there and slowly improve on it. So for those who miss the challenge, you can follow my blog here, I will update it here weekly (is a 5 weeks challenge) so that we can learn together and also in the same time inspire you to take action.

By the way this the homework I need to submit haha, it does help me to work something out. So let me know what you think of this, what are you struggling in your Internet Marketing Journey.

PS. Just check, you still can join the Quick Start Challenge and watch the replay. And get the balance of the live challenge.  I find it exteremely helpful and if you commit to it, it definitely will help you to take action and have more results on your online journey.


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