VideoBuilder Animation Software Honest Review and Best Bonuses


VideoBuilder Review and BonusesVideoBuilder Animation Software Honest Review and Best Bonuses (New Closing Bonuses added !!!)

A new revolutional Video Creation Cloud Software that is easy to use called VideoBuilder just launched today 21 July 2017. I able to grab a review copy for front end version which is the basic version to test out this software. I also gone thru some of the demo by creator Paul Ponna and Todd Gross, so far I am impress of this software and the smoothness and ease of use of this apps.

What I like About It? Pro:

  1. Easy to use, just drag and drop.
  2. Built in Library of Video and Graphic
  3. High Quality Text to Speech Engine ( Like real)
  4. Can use it as a Video Editor.
  5. Create a Avatar video within Minutes.
  6. Cloud Based – work on any platform ( No need to installed to my PC and I used it on my ChromeBook)
  7. Affordable Price Point.

What I don’t Like? Cons:

  1. The Basic version media is a bit Basic ( I think that way is call Basic, You need Deluxe to have more selection)
  2. The way they store the Video is a bit confusing ( The rendered video is store on the video list under create video, and the recorded webcam video and audio and also the upload your own media button is under -> Media Library ->My Media -> Default) ( I take me sometimes to find it, after you find it, shouldn’t be a big problem.
  3. The Effect need to be the upper track (1,2,3) if you want it to run on a Video.
  4. Not fully live view – you need to rendered it to see the exact Avatar and Audio Sync.
  5. Video that can rendered is 3 mins for Basic and Deluxe and 6mins for Agency – but nowadays most marketing video is short.


I personally like it despite it got some minor problem, it a very low entry point software with powerful function. I would recommend to take at least the Deluxe Version for Own Use and Agency Version if you plan to sell it as a service. Video Marketing is getting more & more important and having the ability to create good quality video in a short time is utmost important. If you have any question do contact or comment below.

What Can Video Builder Do and How’s It Different?

The major benefit is that it’s the first to let you create talking 3D spokespeople avatars right in videos with new lip sync technology.

You can…

1. Select an avatar to use and avatar voice.

There’s a variety to choose from including both men and women and a variety of voices to choose from.

2. Upload your transcript you want it to read (need deluxe version)

You can upload a prerecorded audio file, record one yourself, or just paste in your text and it will be automatically converted to speech.

3. Drag your avatar into the video timeline

Then just drag the finished avatar into a timeline similar to Camtasia where there are multiple ‘layered’ tracks, and you’re done. Then, the 3D avatar will speak your whatever you pasted using the ‘lip sync’ technology.

There’s many other features, too:

This is an entire video creation app similar to Camtasia with a bunch of other features like

  •  Layed timeline video technology allowing you to layer as many video elements as you want together
  • Huge media library of stock videos, bg videos, and images
  • Ability to create animated lower thirds in a few clicks
  • Ability to create animated text scenes and drag them to the timeline
  • Ability to import external videos and edit them along with the Video Builder video elements
  • Green screen technology
  • Fully cloud based with ability to host and store your videos in the app

& a lot more elements to this.

Make sure to see my review with a detailed walkthrough where I show examples of the types of videos and point out a few things you need to be aware of no one else will tell you.


Video Builder consist of FE, 4 OTO which  you can check it out  below:

  1. See the OTO1 here for  ‘Deluxe’ upgrade that includes:
    more 3D avatars, DFY editable video marketing scripts, pro voiceovers, premium motion elements delivered each month, & more.
  2. See the OTO2 here for the Agency/Developer rights (recommended)
    You’ll get agency rights to sell Video Builder as a service to clients & sell your videos for whatever price you want + extra training.
  3. See OTO3 here for 2-in-1 Video Submission & Syndication Suite
    You’ll get an app that syndicates your video to top sharing sites instantly plus a traffic suite app that can submit & schedule videos to top social sites for traffic.
  4. See OTO4 here for 25 Done-For-You Human Spokesperson Video Pack



Additional New Closing Bonuses just added –

Final 48 Hours Launch Closing Bonuses

Closing Bonus #1:

4 New Bonus Life-Like 3D Avatars With Auto Lip-Sync

Product. Value – $4000. Yours Free

Closing Bonus #2:

10 Cartoon Backgrounds

Product. Value – $500. Yours Free

Any of these fun backgrounds will make an excellent backdrop for your new VideoBuilder avatars.

Closing Bonus #3:

5 Animated Sales Slogans

Product. Value – $375. Yours Free

Animated Sales Slogans will catch the eyes of your visitors and make them really pay attention.

Closing Bonus #4:


Product. Value – $700. Yours Free

These 2D-Toon-Video Backgrounds will make your next video stand out.

Closing Bonus #5:

Magic Video Ranker Software – Agency License:

Use this web based app to rank your videos and your client videos on top of youtube and search results effortlessly.

The software automatically predicts the keywords that are easy to rank on search results so you can instantly identify the winners and rank your videos!

Closing Bonus #6:

120 Background Music Tracks

Product. Value – $700. Yours Free

Add these stunning high background music loops
to your videos to boot conversions and get more sales.

Closing Bonus #7:

200 High Quality Stock Images

Most images online have copyright, generally you have to pay huge $$ to buy high quality images that you can use in your videos today without worrying about copyright.

Closing Bonus #8:

18 Stock Videos Clips HD 1920 x 1080

Instantly Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Royalty Stock Footage And Instantly Use These High Quality Stock Video To Increase Your Leads, Sales, and Traffic. Each HD 1920 x 1080 Stock Video costs $50-$70 to buy online.

Closing Bonus #9:

5 Professionally written sales scripts

Product. Value – $500. Yours Free

Instantly take these done-for-you professionally written sales scripts and use then with your Videos. Captivate more audience and close more sales!

These 10 generic sales scripts have been written by a professional copywriter to match any niche and boost your results. Add them to your videos to promote your brand or business and get more exposure instantly.

Why You Need

VideoBuilder “Deluxe Upgrade”

Special VideoBuilder Deluxe Bonus #1:

Premium BONUS Avatar ($1000 Value)

This is a special bonus only available until Friday, July 28 – Midnight EDT.

Customers who purchase the Deluxe Upgrade can “unlock” new hidden premium avatar.

Special VideoBuilder Deluxe Bonus #2:

10 Professionally Recorded Audio Voiceovers

Instantly take these done-for-you professional recorded sales scripts and add them as voice over for your avatars. Captivate more audience and close more sales!

These 10 generic sales scripts have been written by a professional copywriter to match any niche and boost your results. Add them to your videos to promote your brand or business and get more exposure instantly.




Early Bird Bonus #1:

3 additional 3D avatar characters

Product. Value – $3000. Yours Free

3 additional 3D avatar characters keep in mind that each 3D avatar costs as much as $1000 to create!

Early Bird Bonus #2:

50 Royalty-Free Music Tracks

Product. Value – $1000-1500 Yours Free

50 Royalty-Free Music Tracks – Tracks like these easily cost between $20-30 on Audiojungle, Bensound and other music sites. You get 50 professionally-produced music tracks – FREE!

Early Bird Bonus #3:

5 Ready-Made Sales Scripts

Product. Value – $497 Yours Free

5 Ready-Made Sales Scripts  Professionaly- written by a top-shelf copywriter! These scripts are fully-customizable and editable. Simply pick one that’s best for your niche, modify it to meet your needs, and upload it for your avatar!

Early Bird Bonus #4:

You can put these tips to work for you TODAY!

Discover How the #1 Affiliate on JVZoo Generated
$70,000 in Affiliate Commissions in 1 Day…


Early Bird Bonus #5:

High-quality, HD Animated Video Backgrounds

Product. Value – $500 to $700 Yours Free

High-quality, HD Animated Video Backgrounds – Here’s a great way to jazz up your videos by giving them awesome, moving backgrounds! To license these can cost you around $97 to $197 each. They’re yours free!

Early Bird Bonus #6:

13 Custom YouTube Outro Videos

(With Giveaway Rights)

Product. Value – $500 to $700 Yours Free

Early Bird Bonus #7:

4 Brand New Countdown video template

Product. Value – $500 to $700 Yours Free

Early Bird Bonus #8:

Ready To Use YouTube End Screen Outro

Product. Value – $500 to $700 Yours Free

Early Bird Bonus #9:

Todd’s Handbrake Tricks – Always have perfectly optimized videos for the web!

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